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I’ve found a couple solid electricians over the years, and these folks are closest to my current house. After one job they seem to be the best choice for electrical work in the future.

We bought this house from a brilliant mechanical engineer who seemed to pride himself on being able to figure out how to do anything. We’ve had to repair and replace a few things here and there that were outside his skill set. We can now add a light fixture to that list.

We had a dimmer switch that didn’t always work–it was just getting old. The cover plate for it needed to be custom-cut to fit with the wainscoting under it, because the previous owner set the wainscoting high enough to overlap. At some point we needed to replace that cover plate and hadn’t gotten around to it. And the light fixture over our kitchen island stopped working, but just for one of three bulbs.

I got multiple bids for all this work, and Good Sense was by far the easiest to work with. Their office manager is friendly and easy to talk to, and made it a no-stress process to discuss their rates and all the info they needed. Every other company either took forever to get back to me, were less pleasant to deal with, or both.

Good Sense doesn’t have as many open appointments as other companies, which is a good sign. They did have a cancellation so I was able to get the work done early, which is awesome.

The guys showed up right on time, were pleasant and easy to talk to, got right to work, and didn’t need any extra guidance once they started. Exactly what you hope for.

They found some amateur mistakes in the wiring, and fixed those. They had parts in the truck with them for what needed replacing, and took care of everything in about an hour. The bill showed up via email and text this morning, and I was able to pay online, which I very much appreciate. Their estimate lined up with what they charged.

Much as I would prefer never to have to pay for repairs of any kind, because having a perfect house that never breaks would be a joy, that’s not how the world works. Finding nice folks who care, communicate well, do the work correctly, and charge a fair price is the next-best thing to owning an unbreakable house. These folks fit the bill. I’m happy I found them.